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He Haz It All: Two Nights in Dallas with Hazlett

Following an electric opening performance from Conor Burns, the room was vibrating with the sound of hundreds of voices talking amongst themselves, eagerly awaiting the next artist. As the house lights dimmed the stage was lit ablaze with warm orange lighting, as an overall-clad Hazlett walked onstage and stood with his guitar in front of two lone microphone stands. “How you guys doin’? My names Hazlett, I’m all the way from Australia, this is my first time playing shows in America”.

The sold-out South Side Ballroom was packed shoulder to shoulder as far as you could see, as Hazlett joined LANY on their A Beautiful Blur tour, with back-to-back nights in Dallas.

Musician, singer, and songwriter, Hazlett has it all. His music is similar to other storytellers such as Noah Kahan, Bon Iver, and Hozier. After his band broke up, Hazlett, a long-time bass player, was hired by a friend to sing in pubs. Tired of playing cover songs such as “Wonderwall and Britney Spears” Hazlett started writing and singing his own original music. He was promptly fired from his pub gig, the bar manager telling him that no one would want to listen to his sad songs.  

During his performance, Hazlett seamlessly incorporated storytelling into his set, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. While singing heartfelt lyrics with moving melodies, he also shared personal anecdotes and stories. One of the most memorable stories he told was about his experience releasing his first album last year. Hazlett revealed that he was so anxious and stressed out during the weekend of the album release that he sat and wrote an entire backup album, just in case no one liked the first one.

Hazlett delivered a mesmerizing set that showcased his musical prowess and emotional depth. From haunting ballads to upbeat anthems, each song carried a unique charm that captivated the room. His soft-spoken demeanor drew you in and made you want to listen as he commanded the stage with a presence that had us spellbound from the very first note. Hazlett was humble and kind, demonstrating his compassion by pausing his set during the second night to check on someone in attendance who had fallen.

As his time on stage came to an end, Hazlett informed us that he didn’t have any merch for sale. However, he invited us to stop by after his set for a free postcard and some friendly conversation. I observed as he conversed with people and happily posed for photos with anyone who came to him. This genuine interaction left a long-lasting impression, highlighting Hazlett’s humility and gratitude for his supporters.

I was lucky enough to have to the opportunity to introduce myself and chat with Hazlett after the show. He was so genuine and kind and remembered my name from our press request emails before the show. Haz is the type of guy you love to see making it, someone you could easily sit and have a drink with and talk to for hours.

Hazlett’s performance was undoubtedly a standout moment of both evenings, he set the stage ablaze and set the tone for an unforgettable night of live music. As fans awaited LANY’s headline performance, Hazlett’s opening served as the perfect prelude. In a time where live music has the power to unite and uplift, Hazlett’s performance at South Side Ballroom was a testament to the power of music, leaving a lasting impression on the hearts (and playlists) of all in attendance.

I wanted to end this with a quote straight from Haz on his website, I think this says everything you need to know about him, and I know a lot of us, myself included, can fully relate.

“The honest truth… I’m just one heck of an emotional, stubborn, simple, romantic guy. I rarely like socialising with large groups of people. My circle’s small. I can’t blow smoke up other people’s behinds for a leg up or their attention. I’d rather help people sort out their own life, instead of my own. I love all creative people but I’m inspired and jealous of them at the same time. I’m a little broken just like you. I am the way I am and at the end of the day people are going to like what I do or they are going to hate it. Either way this thing goes, at least it’s going to be honest and from the heart”

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originally written for Good Guys Press: link to that article here

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